Wow Smiles is a proud Denti-Cal provider and wants to be sure you and your family receive the dental and orthodontic services that may be available to you through the great state of California. Here are a few things that you should know.

If you qualify for Medi-Cal, you are most likely eligible to reap at least some of the benefits of Denti-Cal.

One of the common misunderstandings surrounding Denti-Cal is that it is a separate program that you must qualify for even if you already qualify for Medi-Cal. This is not the case. While the degree of benefits may vary, Denti-Cal is offered under the umbrella of the Medi-Cal program.

Your children may qualify for Denti-cal benefits.

The early and periodic screening, diagnosis, and treatment (EPSDT) program is a special process within Denti-Cal specifically for children. Under federal law, EPSDT services are provided to any Medi-Cal beneficiary under age 21. For the Denti-Cal Program, this means medically necessary dental services provided for any Denti-Cal beneficiary who has not yet reached his or her 21st birthday are EPSDT services. Have a question about your child’s dental benefits and what they qualify for? Denti-Cal Representatives can be reached at 800- 423-0507 to answer all of your questions regarding EPSDT services and EPSDT Supplemental Services.

Wow Smiles is here to help!

We at Wow Smiles know that the varying benefits and coverage with Denti-Cal can be confusing and overwhelming for families. That is why we are here to help! Contact us today at (844) 900-4969 or request a free consultation at our Santa Rosa, Ukiah or Vallejo offices to learn more about what dental and orthodontic care you and your family may qualify for under Denti-Cal! And be on the lookout for our next blog, where we will give you some examples of Denti-Cal benefits in specific cases.