Meet the Doctors behind your smile

dr. rael headshot

Dr. Rael Bernstein


Dr. Bernstein was born and raised in South Africa and attended the prestigious Wits Dental School, where he finished at the top of his class. He then completed his orthodontic specialty residency at the State University of New York at Buffalo.

After his residency, he accepted a university fellowship position, where he became a clinical assistant professor in the orthodontic department.

He yearned for a climate similar to South Africa and decided to relocate to Southern California, where he met his wife, Debbie, also a dental specialist.

He opened his first orthodontic practice shortly after.

Dr. Bernstein is committed to excellence in orthodontics. He has lectured nationally on self-ligation and early interceptive treatment to other orthodontists and dentists. He strives to provide the latest and greatest to all of his patients in a friendly, upbeat atmosphere.

In his spare time, Dr. Bernstein enjoys racing go-karts, working out, snowboarding in winter, and devoting himself to his wife and two daughters by going to birthday parties, ballet recitals, gymnastics classes, and more.

dr. naveen headshot

Dr. Naveen


Dr. Naveen joins us from chilly Boston, MA, to sunny California. He completed his dental and orthodontics degree from Boston University with high honors, and also practiced general dentistry in the Boston area. He previously maintained a private practice in India along with his wife, in addition to being a part time orthodontic teaching faculty at the dental school.

Dr. Naveen was originally inspired to become an oral surgeon, but decided to become an orthodontist, as he truly believes that it’s the first specialty in dentistry that helps create lasting smiles. Dr. Naveen devoted his time to the Cleft Children Foundation, which aligned with his interest in making new smiles for those in need.

Dr. Naveen helps patients maintain realistic expectations with end results in mind, to make treatment simple, fun, and comfortable.

In his spare time, Dr. Naveen loves practicing yoga, biking, trekking and outdoor activities with his wife and two sons. He is excited to explore California and looks forward to indulging in delicious local wines and fruits.

dr. Caesar headshot

Dr. Darryl Caesar


Dr. Darryl Caesar is a Canadian native and attended undergraduate at University of Ottawa. Dr. Caesar attended the first dental school in the world, the University of Maryland College of Dentistry. He completed two years of general practice residency (GPR) in NYC and then went on to complete his Orthodontics training at Howard University College of Dentistry.

Orthodontic treatment for Dr. Caesar as a young child seemed like a “rite of passage”, mandated by his parents at that time. However, later in life he realized how important his orthodontic journey and treatment was in establishing his self-esteem and enhancing his confidence. He believes his smile is one of his best assets and allows his personality to shine through.

One of Dr. Caesar’s strengths as an orthodontist is being able to effectively communicate and explain his expertise and knowledge in a digestible manner that makes it easy for all patients to understand. His main goal as your Orthodontist is to create a fun and non-threatening environment where patients will look forward to their appointments, be comfortable, and assured that they’re in good hands throughout the orthodontic treatment journey.

When Dr. Caesar is not at work, he enjoys traveling the world, going to art exhibits and concerts, trying new vegan restaurants and searching for the best boba tea. He does not have any animal pets, but he is a “plant Dad” to 6 plants and enjoys naturing them. Dr Caesar recently relocated from the Central Valley to Oakland and is excited to discover the Bay Area.

dr. Henken headshot

Dr. Edmond H. Henken


Dr. Edmond H. Henken has been creating winning smiles in South Orange County for 23 years. He received his Doctorate Degree in Dentistry from the Loma Linda University School of Dentistry. After practicing general dentistry for two years, he returned to Loma Linda University School of Dentistry to obtain a Master's Degree, which allowed him to specialize in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics. The training that Dr. Henken received at Loma Linda University School of Orthodontics, under the philosophy of Robert Ricketts, provided him with unique skills that focus on growth and development, allowing him not only to align the teeth, but also to develop balanced facial features and a winning smile.

Dr. Henken is passionate about being an orthodontist because of the opportunity he has to truly change and impact people’s lives every day. He wants every patient to follow their dreams and to feel confident in their new smile.

Dr. Henken and his wife, Dr. Tamra Taylor, DDS, will be relocating to Cloverdale with their children, Hans, 29, and twins, Sterling and Paris,25, and fox terrier dog, Diesel. He also has two adult daughters Heather and Heidi. He enjoys reading and watching his children sail and surf around the world. One of the highlights of his life was attending the Rio Olympics to watch his daughter Paris, compete in a sailing event that presented her the title of being 10th best sailor in the world.

Dr. Jennifer Stachel headshot

Dr. Jennifer Stachel


Dr. Stachel, known as Dr. Jenn by most of her patients, is an East Coast native from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She received her bachelor’s degree in molecular biology from Washington and Jefferson College and earned her DMD and certification in orthodontics from Temple University School of Dentistry. She received an award in public service from the American Association of Public Health Dentistry’s Pre-Doctoral Community.

After finishing school, Dr. Jenn moved to NYC. She worked as an associate for six years before opening her practice, where she has been treating patients for ten years.

Dr. Jenn aspired to be an orthodontist since the young age of nine, as she loved working and interacting with children. She truly believed that creating great, quality smiles would boost their confidence and enhance their quality of life. Her passion for orthodontics allows her to practice her love for art and science. She loves the diversity when treating patients. Dr. Jenn believes every patient is unique and challenging in different ways. She enjoys the thrill of problem-solving each case and genuinely providing patient-centered care. She considers herself a lifelong student. Dr. Jenn is constantly finding ways to improve her skills and learn new techniques with the end goal to ultimately transform and change as many smiles as possible that leave patients feeling satisfied and confident in their results.

Dr. Jenn understands that going through treatment requires discipline, some mental toughness, resilience, and dedication. She proactively helps and works with her patients to accomplish their goals. She believes that the sacrifices made to obtain your WOW! smile, if retained through proper care, will bring a more outstanding quality of life and additional confidence that patients aim to achieve.

Dr. Jenn’s main goal as your orthodontist, is to create a fun and non-threatening environment where each patient’s experience is individualized. She strives to provide customized care with exemplary service creating a membership experience where patients feel like they are the only patient in her office.

When Dr. Jenn is not at work, she enjoys playing many sports as she grew up a competitive athlete and played soccer in college. Her favorite sports to play are tennis and golf. Also, she enjoys skiing and frequently runs to stay in shape, and subsequently has participated in the NYC Marathon and a few others. She is a fashion fanatic! She once dreamt of owning a fashion line and attempted to start a golf clothing line named Chippindivas! She also enjoys traveling with her husband Nick and attending Broadway shows, plays, and the NYC Ballet. She loves attending musical performances of many genres, and Dr. Jenn loves everything sushi.