Attention All WOW! Smile Retainer Users!

A Deal Worth Smiling For : )

Order a spare retainer today and save 75% per retainer arch. That’s $50 versus the $200 in-office emergency retainer price you’d pay to replace a lost or broken retainer.

Yes, this deal is to get a spare retainer in case you lose or break a retainer so that you don't miss any days or use. BUT this limited-time promo does include a FREE Initial Digital Scan (Value $100).

Protect Your Smile With Our Spare Retainer Special

  • Wearing a retainer is key to keeping your teeth straight, always good to have a spare set.
  • New scan tech offers a much more cost-effective way to make your spare retainers digitally.
  • One scan and we have a permanent impression of your teeth forever in our system.
  • Anytime you need a nice, new, spare retainer, just call us and order another!
  • Last but not least don’t forget about your travel retainer.

**New scan needed for any new dental work or changes to your teeth.**

Keep Your Smile WOW! With a Spare Retainer!

You’ve worked too hard for your wonderful new smile, let’s keep it, and take advantage of WOW! Smile’s special promo with a couple of extra retainers handy.

To recap:

  1. Order a spare (not a new or replacement retainer) today and you only pay $50 per retainer. So order as many as you like!
  2. You get a FREE Initial Digital Scan to ensure your retainers fit just right!
  3. You won’t have to worry if you lose your retainer, they get dirty, or a set feels just plain old.

This is the best way to prevent your teeth from shifting when waiting for your next set of retainers. So pay less, worry less, and keep your teeth nice and perfect… fill out the form below and take advantage of this limited-time offer now!


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