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Cosmetic Dental Procedures to Enhance Your Smile After Braces

These are procedures that can be performed by your primary care dentist to put the finishing touches on your new Wow! smile because of the size and shape of your teeth and gums.

Bonding - Small Lateral Incisor

peg lateral bonding close up1
small lateral

Contouring and Bonding

3 contour and bond

Incisal Edge Bonding

4 - incisal edge bonding

Cosmetic Embrasure Bonding

5 - Cosmetic Embrasure bonding

Bonding for Black Triangles

6 - bonding for black triangles

Black Triangle - Filled In

7 - black triangle lower veneers

Veneers for Black Triangles

7 - Veneers for black triangles

Implant Replacement Congenitally Missing Teeth

10 - missing Upper laterals replacement

Missing Lateral Incisors

11 -1 -Missing Lateral Incisors

Canine Substitution

11 -2 -Canine Subsititution


12 - bleaching side by side


13 - Whitening

Tooth Edge Manicure

14 - edge manicure

White Spot Repair

15- white spot repair

Poor Home Care Leads to Enamel Damage
Repaired with Bonding

16 - Poor home care

Gum Line Contour Mapping

18 - gum line contour mapping

Contouring The Gums to Lengthen The Teeth

17 - Contouring gums

The following procedures and products should be performed or purchased at your primary care dentist or a cosmetic dentist. 

Please ask your orthodontic team if you need a new primary care dentist or a cosmetic dentist - we’d be happy to refer you to one in your area. 

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MI Paste
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ICON Resin Treatment

Icon Resin Treatment
Icon Resin Treatment 2