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Smile Arc Protection

Smile Arc Protection braces are placed higher and closer to your gums than traditional braces. This gives you a wider smile that shows more of your newly straightened teeth.

Benefits of Smile Arc Protection

Some advantages of this method are:

  • A better looking smile
  • Better control of how each tooth tilts and turns
  • Contact points can be lined up easily
  • Your braces are less noticeable
SAP vs Tradional Illustration
SAP vs Traditional Smile 1

Pitts 21 Braces: Discover the Difference

Pitts 21 logoAll metal braces may look the same, but it's what's under the hood that matters most. Pitts 21 changes how orthodontists think about treatment and what braces can do for your smile.

The first difference is that we don’t have to use color ties anymore to hold the wire to the brace. Even though the color ties may look nice at first, they tend to fade quickly and absorb plaque at a high rate.

By getting rid of the ties, your oral hygiene is greatly improved because of one less thing trapping plaque in your mouth.

The inside of the brace is square instead of rectangular. That may not mean much to you, but it gives your orthodontist control to quickly move your teeth more efficiently. This could mean less treatment time in braces.

Even though we value your treatment's results versus how long you're in treatment, we've noticed treatment times have been decreasing.


You may notice that some of your braces might be upside down.

This is a special technique that we use for precision variable torque.

Ask us about it at your next appointment!