You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers!

And don’t worry, no question is a silly question! Check out the questions and answers below to learn more about orthodontic treatment. Have a different question? No problem! Just give us a call at our Ukiah or Vallejo office!

1. What age should my child see an orthodontist?

About the time when the tooth fairy is visiting your house almost weekly and you have a snaggletooth child running around with a jar full of dollar bills. Typically, this is around age 7 which is the time the American Association of Orthodontists recommends you child see an orthodontist for an initial evaluation. At this age permanent teeth are replacing baby teeth and jaw issues can easily be detected. By catching any jaw growth issues early, we can proactively treat the problem to prevent more invasive treatment later. Don’t worry, most seven year olds do NOT need braces. But by getting regular growth check-ups, we’ll be able to determine the best time to start treatment, if it is necessary.

2. How much do braces cost?

One MILLION dollars. Just kidding. While you’ll feel like a million bucks after treatment, it won’t cost you a million. We stand by our mission to provide quality orthodontic care at the most affordable cost possible so that EVERYONE can experience the benefits of a beautiful, straight smile. We offer 0% interest financing, no down payment, no hidden fees and our monthly payments are as low as $149! Plus we take most insurance plans and do all the paperwork for you!

3. How long will treatment take?

In the olden days (we’re talking big hair and 80’s punk rock music), treatment used to take FOREVER (and sometimes a day longer). Now, with the help of advanced orthodontic technology, treatment keeps getting shorter and shorter. Typically, treatment time ranges from 12 to 24 months.

4. Do I need a referral from my dentist?

Absolutely not! With a simple call to our office we can get you scheduled for your FREE exam right away without jumping through hoops.

5. Am I too old for treatment?

Are you too old to smile? The answer is no…and NO! As long as your teeth and jaws are healthy and strong, you can achieve a beautiful, confident smile at any age! We even offer more discreet treatment options like clear braces and clear aligners so no one will even know you’re straightening your smile. So brace yourself (pun intended) to turn back the clock! You’ll be surprised how much younger you’ll look and feel after treatment!