Dentistry Services

At Wow Smiles in Ukiah, we offer a variety of dental services for your child’s benefit including:

  • Routine Preventive Care – Teeth cleaning and polishing treatment is part of your child’s routine preventive care. We use special paste to polish teeth and remove any plaque buildup. Teeth cleaning or polishing, as well as fluoride treatment, is recommended every six months.
  • Restorative Care – Sometimes, despite proper hygiene, decay occurs. Baby teeth serve the important function of eating, speech and esthetics. These teeth not only help form developing jaws; they hold space for permanent teeth so that a normal bite occurs. It is important to restore baby teeth as soon as decay or injury is first detected.
  • Sedation – At Wow Smiles we pride ourselves on our ability to make dentistry fun for kids. While we will absolutely do our best to calm your little one’s nerves, sometimes we are unable to complete certain treatments due to a child’s overwhelming fear. When this happens, our pediatric dentist may recommend the use of Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen, also known as “laughing gas”.